Isang lolo kinuhanan ng Litrato ang kanyang apo gamit ang sinaunang Cellphone talaga nga namang nakaka-antig ng puso.

Many people would definitely agree that they are fond of using their phones and cameras in capturing the precious moments of their families, friends, and most especially their little children. It has been a very usual thing to do to document every single milestone of our children, hoping that maybe someday they will be able to see the cute and adorable version of themselves.
It was just recently when a picture of a grandfather went viral on different social media platform where he was seen smiling as he was taking a photo of his granddaughter in front of her with the use of his basic smartphone. A lot of netizens could not help but melt their heart away as they see how happy the old man was as he takes a photo of his grandkid.

The viral photo was shared by the SMS Senior High Page which was also the official Facebook page of St. Michael’s School of Madrid, Inc. in Madrid, Surigao del Sur in Southern Philippines. It has a caption that states: “Maybe the best photo you’ll see today.”

One of the grandfather’s child had actually commented on the said viral photos with an account name GrahCxa Cubero Broniola. She said that her dad was really a stage father even before. Although he only had a simple and basic phone to use, he happily captured the photos of his granddaughter as she was enjoying her performance.

Some netizens wanted to give some help to the old man for him to have another smartphone but Broniola said that it was not really necessary as her father would not also use it as he was fond of using his basic phone to take videos and photos of his grandchildren.
It was really an admirable experience to have such amazing grandparents who will be there for their grandchildren to support, guide and nurture them. Not everyone is blessed to have such wonderful people in their lives that is why we should be grateful and loving to them every single day.