Trash Collector Makes $10 A Day And Still Manages To Save Enough To Send Daughter To College

Parenting is a tough job, especially if you are a single parent. A parent makes sacrifices for their children to become successful. That’s why it’s really unfortunate to see kids nowadays cutting classes and spend time with their friends without knowing how their parents worked so hard to send them to school.
But not all children are the same, others know exactly how it feels to make sacrifices. Meet Cristito Quimado, 51 who is living in the Philippines. Cristito is a father of five children and is a garbage collector that roughly earns 10$/day to feed the family. For him, it’s hard to see his family struggle that sometimes they won’t be able to eat 3 meals a day. But Cristito is an awesome father that won’t just give up. He worked so hard to send his eldest daughter to school because he believed that education is important for his daughter to become successful. Cristito wakes up every day at 3 AM to get to work at 4 AM. He stated,
“As long as I can still work, I’ll make sure that they all finish college. Education is the only thing I can leave my children.” He said, “It’s hard to have a big family, but I strive to take care of them. There are times when we don’t have money to buy food.”

His daughter, Jenny Rose, was able to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Technology degree. She said she had to travel for almost 30 kilometers to attend her classes. Sometimes, she doesn’t have money to buy food so she just borrows money from her classmates.
Jenny cannot wait to start working so she can help her siblings in studying. She posted a picture of her and her father on social media and touched everyone’s heart saying, “Pa, I’m grateful that you are my father. Thank you because you are always there for us. We love you.”