Adorable Dog Came to the Rescue When His Two Other Friends Were Fighting

We, humans, always have this stand to fight back when we are being mistreated or being bullied and of course if we see our loved ones being mistreated by other people. Dogs can also do that. They also have the power to know if the same of its kind is also in trouble. Without hesitation, they can immediately respond to any threats and that is how incredible their senses are.

Two puppies in the video were just feeling each other at first and then a few seconds later, it turned into a big fight. We may not fully understand what they were doing but it seemed to me they were already in the middle of a big fight. If they were just playing, their barks would not be so loud and strong. But they seemed to be really in a fight because of the deep, loud barks and the angry faces they were showing to each other. Because of these loud, roaring sounds, a dog came to the rescue. It immediately went into the middle of the fight and suddenly barked a very big command as if telling the other dog to stop attacking his friend. It sounded as if it was threatening the other dog to stop or else something will happen to the big dog.

Because of the dog’s braveness, the fight stopped. The smaller dog suddenly went soft as if he was defending the big one and telling everyone that everything was okay and it was just nothing. They were just arguing over a thing and the fight was not that serious. But the brave dog did not seem to believe so it did not stop warning the big dog to back off. It was still barking so loud to the big dog. The big dog seemed to be threatened and it just kept quiet while facing the big dog. The small dog was in the middle of them both and he was as if protecting the big dog from the commanding brave dog.

We may not fully understand exactly what they were doing but surely they were just like us who wanted to defend their loved ones in times of trouble or maybe they also wanted to be at peace that was why the brave dog wanted to stop the fight. Whatever reasons that maybe, we will just leave it as it is. These things are naturally part of them and we should be able to respect it.

Sometimes in life, we cannot avoid arguments or disagreement from other people like our friends, neighbors, or even from our own family. Due to different reasons, these things are inevitable. But what is important is to settle everything as much as we can because it’s always uneasy carrying so much hatred and grudges in our hearts. The feeling would always be uneasy and uncomfortable. So let us try to be like the brave dog, let us always put in our hearts the true meaning of peace so we may live free of hatred and just truly be happy.