Garbage Man Spent 30+ Yrs Salvaging “Treasures” From Trash, Now Reveals Breathtaking “Museum.”

It’s no secret that in today’s world, we are seeing more trash than ever before. Especially in large overpopulated cities, there are many corners where trash is just left in heaps, dirty and not nice to look at.

You’d think that given man’s vastly superior intelligence, all of us would have the common sense to pick up after ourselves to make sure that the environment we live in is clean and safe. Sadly, that is not the case as many of us would just look at a trash heap and ignore it, waiting for someone else to pick it up.

Nelson Molina, however, is not like most of us. Nelson was a worker who has worked for more than three decades for the city of New York’s sanitation department. And although that it is his job to pick up after the trash most of us left behind, he has gone leaps and bounds above and beyond his job description.

What sets Nelson apart from his coworkers? It’s the fact that he is the proud owner of around 50,000 salvaged items that he collected during his 34 years working for the sanitation department. A feat that not many men can boast.

How did he start this wonderful collection? When he was doing his job in the 1980s, he saw many things in the trash that do not belong there (some he even considered worthy of being in a museum), so he had the idea of storing them on the top of his department’s men’s locker rooms.

Soon, however, he found that the space above the locker rooms was full, so he moved his so-called “Treasure in the Trash” collection to an unused room. Today his collection can be seen occupying almost an entire floor of the city of New York’s Sanitation Department, which is located in East Harlem.

Among the collection are electric guitars, memorabilia from the original Star Wars debut, and even vintage war uniforms. Many of the items in the collection are worth more than just a pretty penny in today’s market.

Nelson, who retired in 2015, says “We throw away too many things, New Yorkers need to recycle more and waste less.”

Molina hopes that his hard work of collecting thrown valuables will be turned into a museum so that many people can enjoy what he has saved, but more importantly because he wants to make people see that they are becoming more wasteful than they should be.

Soon people took notice of Molina’s initiative in saving the environment, even his coworkers started giving him things that they found in the trash that may not belong in there.