Service Dog Saves Life of a Woman Having Panic Attack

Service dogs according to Wikipedia is a term in the USA to refer to any type of assistance dog specifically trained to help people who have disabilities such as visual impairments, mental disorders (such as post-traumatic stress disorder), seizures, mobility impairment, and diabetes. Outside the USA the term service dog means a dog who works for police, military, or search and rescue services.

Service Dog Saves Life of a Woman Having Panic AttackInstagram

It is constantly said that “Dogs are man’s best friend”, and this is true to Amber Aquart and dog Oakley. Amber is the owner of Oakley, a service dog, she is suffering from a panic attack.

Oakley was trained to detect changes in breathing patterns and body temperature of his buddy, Amber. When it is the case, Oakley knows she is on the verge of a breakdown.

This video of these two buddies has been a hit now in social media. It was indeed amazing to see this dog doing his thing to save a life. While waiting in the airport terminal to Massachusetts last month, Oakley picked up on the changes in Amber’s breathing and body temperature right away.

Service Dog Saves Life of a Woman Having Panic AttackInstagram

Amber had already gone through several panic attacks on the same day and she knew another one is coming, so she thought of setting her camera up to record how this amazing dog save her life, and she was not disappointed because immediately after, she had an attack. Oakley scrambles to his feet then circles around until they are face to face, then starts licking her as if encouraging her to do something with her hands. Thankfully wrapping her arms around his neck, Amber rests her head on his shoulder.

“He has been taught to break my hands apart and away from my face and is supposed to encourage me to put my hands and even face on him – which calms me down, I think he did an excellent job!”

Oakley has been trained by Amber who is a professional dog trainer for seven years already, and she used her knowledge and skills to train Oakley in the right things to do and how to respond to emergency cases caused by sudden panic attacks.

Oakley’s calming presence and mannerisms, as well as sharp senses, make him do his job excellently.

“There is so much to say on this matter, but I will just leave this video here for you to see for yourself. Sharing this video and these things make me vulnerable, but I am sharing them with you so you can see how this dog has changed my life.”

For this matter, Oakley indeed absorbed and internalized all that he learned. This dog is truly an amazing one.