Stray Dogs Are Better at Crossing the Street Than People

In this world, among other creatures, humans were given free will to act according to what they deemed to be good. They say we are superior and above most creatures. But day by day, we seemed to be losing instincts and discipline because of the way we think. We don’t act through intuition like most animals are. People have been thinking less than usual and only adhere to whatever they think is right.

Humans have made rules to follow and to make the whole community in place. These commands are made for the thought of having an impact for the greater good not just for the leader himself but also for the rest of the people living in such a place. Different rules for different places, that is mostly what we see while we travel and see the world. There have always been rules in every place to which the people think these sets of regulations shall put things in a proper perspective. There is always someone the whole community looks up to. Someone in authority that helps govern the whole society and we have the social norm that most of us nowadays still adhere to.

Same as what they say, we are special among other animals. We are given the capability to process things and the thoughts we have not just merely relying on our intuition alone. It is what sets us apart from the other animals and made us more able to understand things beyond others and this ability helped us acquire more knowledge. This freewill has made us create our own orders and regulations around the cities, streets, and the whole globe so that we won’t just be merely doing things because we want to do it. But for us to also be reminded that in everything we do, we should always take others into consideration.

We are not just living creatures that were given the life to live as long as we wanted to because of this free will. But we are given abilities for us to be able to think for the welfare of the whole society. This is why the video clip below went viral. As seen in the video, a dog is about to cross the street. But he waited patiently and seemed to follow the rules just like some people do. What makes him special in this video? He waited patiently unlike some people that seemed to have no discipline and never waited for the light to turn green. He surely knows his limit and waited for the proper moment before crossing. We need this character in most people for us to attain order and peace in the community. If only we think less of ourselves and most for the good of our community, we could make this world a whole better place.

Sad to think, but most of us humans don’t possess even an ounce of this discipline that the dog has. If only we had one, we could improve and be far better than just being superior but also to be able to think intelligently. We could be efficient in dealing with things not just dealing with things to the way we deemed as the right thing to do because we wanted to.