About Us

Every day, Facebook and other social media have been circulating with fake news, negative stories, and other click-bait that some users ended up in dismay. While most people certainly hate negative stories, some are still sharing it as if they were real.

We are the type of people who hate this kind of content. So we created a website " inspiring-pictures.com " to change the perspectives in the eyes of the people who want to read positive and feel-good stories that they want to distribute.

These kinds of stories always play a vital role in our lives as we can learn a lot from such stories. It can move us to tears, change our attitudes and behaviors. Therefore, our soul is refreshed whenever we hear feel-good stories.

Our website "inspiring-pictures.com" focuses on the positive side. We want to let people know there is still good news, honest, and compassionate people in this world despite the chaotic world we lived in.